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Earthweavers, design practice umbrella, based in Auroville, came into existence in 2012. Its heart is Architecture, Landscaping, Interiors, Furniture and Product design along with Material and Structural researches.

We see design as a weaving of different modalities to bring appropriate solutions in physical and practical life with beauty and simplicity. Our values lie in integrating the traditional techniques, materials and forms, and interpreting them into contemporary context.

Holistic sustainability has been the key interest in our explorations. Harmony of built forms and nature, materials and techniques in their optimal potential, functionality of forms, cost effectiveness, simplicity, and interpretation of cultural continuity of tropical architecture are some facets that have repeatedly found expression in our works.


Pony farm,  Auroville,
Tamilnadu. 605101

+91 9442066836


Mon – Sat :9.00 am – 5.00 pm

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